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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

TOS and Abuse Policy document suggestions

On the LJ abuse community I posted calling for suggestions to make the LiveJournal TOS and Abuse Policy more closely linked with the reality of LJ Abuse.
We can complain about individual cases of unfair suspensions but what practical suggests does anyone have to change the TOS or Abuse Policy document to make the workings of LJ Abuse clearer?

It was suggested in a comment below that the TOS should be cut down because no part other than this is necessary:

"You agree that, in its sole discretion, may terminate your password, journal, or account, and remove and discard any content within the Service, for any reason"

I'm sure some of us have some more specific suggestions than that!
read the rest of the post and comments

markf, LJ's Customer Service man Mark Ferrell, has left a comment so we'll see if he takes anything said more seriously than Denise Paolucci does.

Share your suggestions!

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hello / Help Out

A quick hello from your new blog contributer, Agent Orange.

Help spread the word about this blog and the behavior of LiveJournal Abuse.

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Exposing LJ Abuse

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Impersonation and parody or harassment?

LJ Abuse has some standard terms they employ against journals they want to suspend, terms they wield in ways that have no relationship to the way they're used by the rest of the world.

One of these words is harassment, a current favorite.

In another example, Lifeprintman writes:

Recently I was banned and accused of harassment of a person that I had NEVER EVEN CONTACTED DIRECTLY. In fact, they do not even know that my journal existed. When I filed a report about this, this was nonsense I got in return from Corey of LJA:

"The use of your journal to solely harass an individual does not necessarily mean you are in contact with that individual. It means that your journal is harassing in nature to an individual and has no other purpose than to incite harassment by its nature to an individual."

Yeah, I don't understand it either.

Lifeprintman was a parody journal using animated pictures of Dr William Vicars (an American Sign Language teacher) demonstrating sign language. LiveJournal decided that this journal was created soley to harass and impersonate Dr Vicars, and suspended it.

How did lifeprintman harass Dr Vicars, asks Michichu2? In what way did he persistantly torment Dr Vicars? Did he contact him, email him, bother him? No, he just had a parody journal portraying him in a humorous and fictious manner. Similar journals exist pretending to be Brad Pitt and other celebrities, and Terri Schiavo (including when she was alive). As Michichu2 puts it "What about all those fangirls that RP as a gay Orlando Bloom in his illicit threesome with Johnny Depp AND Viggo Morgensen where they perform many illegal acts involving bananas? Is that harrassment? Were all of them created SOLELY TO HARRASS AND IMPERSONATE AN INDIVIDUAL?"

Lifeprintman tried to get LJ Abuse to explain the suspended account's violations to him. They told him that his journal was "harassing in nature" and "inciting harassment" against an individual (though their policy states that it applies to other users of LiveJournal).

"Negative comments by themselves are opinion, and we allow a wide range of opinion on our service" says Corey from LJ Abuse -- so negative comments are okay so long as LJ Abuse doesn't want to suspend you.

The correspondence with LiveJournal Abuse can be seen here: deathprintman

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