LiveJournal: When the LJ abuse prevention team become the abusers, who will protect the LJ users?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Latest Update

Well, looks like I'm taking over the updates for the weekend! Hello, I'm Christine.

So here goes.

Boob Nazis has opened up commenting so non-members can comment again.

Xavier, who was talking to Doug Bryan of Six Apart, has said: "I have requested to no longer speak directly with Doug alone, and have asked that the Six Apart Media Relations people be included in the conversations going forward."

At least one LJ-er has already been suspended, and more are due to be suspended at midnight.

The petition has 159 signatures on it right now, 4 or so trolls. Please keep on spreading the word around, and encouraging people to email Six Apart as well (see previous posts).

I'll also quote a few other people's comments here.


"Is there any particular reason at all that it hasn't been systematized? Why doesn't LJA have its own blog where it reports updates and specific cases, as they apply to the ongoing adjustments of TOS? The whole issue, I think, is that they come off as highly disengenuous and secretive. If they took their operations public, logs and all, I doubt sincerely that the issues that have arisen would continue to be such a thorn.

I suspect that this has much to do with being inundated with cases, being unpaid and, probably, little in the way of databasing."

"But to be clear, there is only one issue here and it is the limited restriction LiveJournal places on the default userpic.

"Actually, I think you've missed the point entirely. I was under the impression that the only real "issue" here was the unprofessional, unpredictable, and irrational behavior of the abuse team. The "issue" goes far beyond the scope of breastfeeding, and it will continue to become a larger issue if it is not addressed soon. LJ is already steadily losing paid customers because of discrepancies with the abuse team (myself included), and I have a very strong feeling it will grow into a noticeable income loss if Denise Paolucci is allowed to continue to lead her team in the haphazard manner that she currently runs it. LJ users, from whom part of your salary must come from, are looking to corporate for support. We're still waiting."

Yellowest-finch also says we should add firing denise paolucci as an interest.

From dreamalynn: How to Pack Up & Leave LiveJournal (A Tutorial), whether you're leaving by choice, or otherwise.

And a few gems from the petition:

"A business based around the concepts of community and dialog should surely spend more time listening to its users, particularly its paid users."

"I have been a paid LJ user for a long, long time, and am shocked and appalled by the recent treatment that LJ abuse has given it's users. It's unacceptable."

"Livejournal is a business, so why does the LJ abuse team act like a bunch of needlessly malicious adolencents?"

"Six Apart, please listen to us. I have been a paying LJ user for 2 years. The abuse team needs to be replaced by professionals, and Six Apart needs to restore our trust in them."

"I have been with LiveJournal for almost 5 years, and I am fully prepared to move my journaling elsewhere over this issue if necessary, as well as encourage all of my friends and family to do the same."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any plan on who the petition will be delivered to and when?

5:16 PM

Blogger Christine said...

Well, it'll be delivered to Six Apart. Various people on the boob nazi community are discussing plans for the next step, so the timing will depend somewhat on what comes out of that, but it'll be soon. It's not a petition to leave hanging around on the web to gather signatures like dust, it's a "get as many people as possible to sign it, and then get it delivered" petition.

Will definitely print it and send a hard copy, not just email it.

5:37 PM

Blogger panda cookie said...

I'm willing to leave LJ if the Abuse team reamins as it is, now. Not that they'd miss me, anyway.

5:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can' tleave LJ I have to many friends there and I keep it all locked because I had a "stalker." I am NOT getting a paid account again though or signing up for tha advertising account and I'm recommeding my friends also not.

6:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LJ will be happy if I leave so I'll threaten to stay instead.

7:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather stay with a free account and tell people why they won't get my money. :D

7:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad your drawing attention to the real problems not just boob nazi hysteria.

10:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's hoping they listen, there are some v. good comments on the petition.

1:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad someone's finally organizing something about lj abuse.

4:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

two wonderful, smart, educated, well written women on my friends list are going to be suspeneded tonight at midnight EST. I'm SAD about this. =\

8:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL @ Mel being "educated and smart".

9:14 AM


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