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Friday, May 05, 2006

Six Apart hit by DOS attack

Six Apart had more trouble this week when their services, including LiveJournal, went down from a Denial of Service attack. Conspiracy theories spread fast across LJ as soon as it was up, with people wondering who hates 6A, whether it was related to them bringing in advertising or the #bantown hacking at the start of the year, but the truth turns out to be that Blue Security, a Six Apart customer, shifted their problems over to 6A.

The Blogging Times writes "A dispute between a mysterious Russian spammer and an Israeli antispam firm spilled over to the rest of the Internet on Wednesday, when denial of service attacks aimed at the Israeli firm’s Web site knocked out servers that host millions of blogs. Blogging company Six Apart suffered a sophisticated denial of service attack Tuesday afternoon, Pacific Time, which caused service outages at all of Six Apart’s web sites, including LiveJournal and TypePad." says "now the ads seem to be the least of their worries with paying customer blogs going dark left and right from the attacks... Do any of you out there use any of the six apart services? are you happy with them?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bantown needs to get back on the job.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a nice post (in hebrew) regarding Blue Security here:

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