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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Six Apart launches new blogging community

Six Apart is launching a new ad-supported blogging service, to "combine the publishing power of TypePad, the community aspects of LiveJournal and the years of insight garnered from Movable Type." Since Mena Trott wrote about the new service here it has been renamed from Comet to Vox.

"Half blogging platform for newbies (albeit with rich and deep functionality) and half social network" but I wonder, will Six Apart be giving it a professional abuse team? Will users of the new network be treated any better than LiveJournal users, and is Six Apart finding that LJ just doesn't make enough money to be worth taking seriously?

Before signing up for this new service potential users might want to look into how Six Apart has managed LiveJournal, it's a cautionary tale.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me well out.

10:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

unless the abuses of the LJ Abuse Team are addressed, I will not be renewing my paid status. Six Apart needs to review and revise their abuse policies and put procedures and staff in place to ensure that those policies are consistently and intelligently enforced. The current system is NOT working.

11:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice they had time to open a new site,what with ignoring the growing concerns of customers of their currents sites (like livejournal)
They still haven't really addressed the breastfeeding icon issue,and are currently even banning images of the Virgin Mary nursing Jesus.. but who cares about livejournal customers,because they're opening a new site!!!
(it makes me sick)

11:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have found this forum; I have recently had a libel issue with one of Vox's bloggers which SixApart simply REFUSES to acknowledge as a problem. A VOX porn blog has used my business partner's personal name and scraped my website for content and all I get is pre-generated responses. HOW, oh HOW can this type of thing be tolerated? And PLEASE tell me WHO polices the internet? Not working? There IS no system! Do I need a lawyer? The company makes me sick and I am ready to make a website dedicated to complaining about theirs... Please feel to respond to me directly with comments and/or suggestions.

8:07 AM


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